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Central Valley League
CVL Standings
Central Valley League - 2011
 NorthWin Loss
1. Pearl Lake0
2. Luxemburg0
3. Watkins0
4. Cold Spring0
 SouthWin Loss
1. Kimball0
2. St. Augusta1
3. Eden Valley2
4. St. Nick0

Wins Leaders
CVL Wins Leaders
 Ryan Blommer1
 Bryan Hennen1
 Scott Marquardt
 Dan Hansen
 Brice Adelmeyer

Team Hits Leader
Pearl Lake Lakers
 Brian Voigt2
 Tommy Linn1
 Bryan Hennen1
 Steve Krippner1
Cold Spring Rockies
Luxemburg Brewers
 Brice Adelmeyer2
 Kelly Weber2
 Troy Schroeder2
 Luke Harren1
Watkins Clippers
Kimball Express
 Adam Beyer
 Tom Marquardt
 Adam Magnuson
 Alec Erhard
St. Augusta Gussies
 Aaron Bestgen
 Dan Mace
 Brady Grafft
 Isaac Laudenbach
St. Nicholas Nicks
Eden Valley Hawks
 Dan Hansen2
 Miah Kramer1
 Mike Arnold1
 Chad Hesse1

HR Leaders
CVL Home Run Leaders
 Tony Garding1
 Bryan Hennen1
 Scott Marquardt
 Dan Hansen
 Brice Adelmeyer

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Welcome to the Central Valley League

First Round of Playoffs Similar to '09
Central Valley LeagueIn the first round of league playoffs last year, both #1 seeds won and both #3 seeds upset the #2 seeds. This year, that trend continued as both Watkins and Kimball held their top seed, while Eden Valley and Pearl Lake were both victorious on the road.
Posted by edenvall on Monday, July 19 @ 20:55:36 EDT (484 reads)
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Kimball, Watkins Take Top Spots
Central Valley LeagueThis past weekend ended the Central Valley League regular season, giving Kimball and Watkins the top spots entering the playoffs and home field advantage. Both teams had locked up the top spots earlier in the season, but the weekend saw several teams jockeying for position.
Posted by edenvall on Monday, July 12 @ 10:37:17 EDT (602 reads)
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Kimball Clinches Home Field in South
Central Valley LeagueWith a large crowd on hand in St. Augusta, Adam Theis pitched a Starsburg-esque game as he struck out 13 en route to the Central Valley League South clinching victory as the Express beat the Gussies 5-1.

Note: Box Score
Posted by edenvall on Monday, June 28 @ 12:12:38 EDT (372 reads)
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Sixth Weekend: What's Going On?
Central Valley LeagueAfter last weekend, Kimball had a three game lead in the South Division and looked to be poised to run away with the division. But after this past weekend, things aren't looking quite so clear.
Posted by edenvall on Tuesday, June 01 @ 17:01:46 EDT (947 reads)
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Week 3 = Home Field Advantage
Central Valley LeagueWith the cold temperatures of the week turning warm, the home teams took advantage of their home parks as all four home teams won their match-ups this weekend. The first game of the weekend was on the chilly, windy Saturday afternoon as the Kimball Express improved to 3-0 by coming back from a 2-run deficit in the 14th inning to win 8-7 over the Watkins Clippers.
Posted by edenvall on Monday, May 10 @ 11:54:15 EDT (370 reads)
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